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A global false flag alert has been issued for the following 14 days by the International news agency – Next News Network.ย The alert has been triggered due to heightened global tensions and military activities by the nation’s of:

  • Russia
  • United States
  • China
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Israel
  • France

The regions of likely occurrence are:

  • Syrian Turkey Border
  • Syrian Israeli Border
  • Spratly Islands, South China Sea

The likely method of executing the False Flag Operation would contain the claimed use of lethal force by any of the nations listed in this alert against the military forces operating in the warning areas.

Please be aware of any nation who makes such claims and the opposite nation denying the attack.

Should a military attack occur in any of these regions it will be imperative that you review international news, video, and independent blog sources to ascertain the validity of any claims.

Known and active hostilities in the Syrian region make this area of particular concern.

United States Naval activities within the claimed “12 mile” Chinese sovereign zone in the Spratly Island chain make this region a significant concern as well.

Should a false flag or actual attack in any of these regions occur it could be used to justify severe escalation by any of these nation’s militaries to execute global conventional or nuclear warfare.

Immediate action should be taken to distribute this alert. Please post this to your social networks, embed this alert on your blog, and post it to you preferred forums.

To preserve humanity we must inform the people of this planet to be on high alert.

Please take the appropriate action.

– End Alert