David Justice and the BLM Land Grab in Colorado

If I asked you 'who is David Justice?,' you might tell me about a guy who used to play for the Yankees and married Halle Berry. But there's another David Justice who has been in the news, and it's for very unique reasons.

Justice, a native of Montrose, Colorado, is a radio host who is running for public office. According to his personal website, he carries around a copy of the Constitution in his pocket and he claims he can recite it verbatim. Justice has taken a strong stance against national debt, calling for more transparency about federal and state dollars.

He also says the following on his website: [I oppose] federal road closures; the holding of land and [I believe] the increase in the exercise of power in the State by the federal government must be turned around.

In this YouTube video from February of last year, Justice appears to discover that the Powderhouse Gulch Road, what he describes as an old mining road, was unceremoniously destroyed by the Federal Government. Justice says the road itself predates the state of Colorado.

Zoomed in video shots of the road show large piles of debris, concrete and rocks blocking the path. Justice organized a group of locals from nearby Pitkin to remove the debris and restore the road without permission of the Forest Rangers. Justice sent the mayor of Pitkin an email and asked for help with the project. At one point in a conversation, the attending forest ranger told him that the process to decide and close the road took five years.

Following a morning appearance on his radio show, Justice was met by the Bureau of Land Management, the FBI and US Marshals. The officials arrested Justice on suspicion that he tried to build a rod on BLM land after it was closed to the public. David will appear in court on Friday morning.
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