Digital Currency Report 11/18/14


50,000 Bitcoins equals somewhere around 19 million dollars. Thats how much bitcoin is going up for auction by the US Marshals service. The USMS confiscated the funds after an investigation lead to the indictment of Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road Scandal. Over 144 thousand bitcoins were seized from Ulbricht, but as to not disrupt the bitcoin market, only 50,000 will be initially auctioned.

A dream job, get paid to shop. Thats exactly what bitcoin company Brawker intends to have people do. They are proposing that one chosen lucky intern will be paid to live off bitcoin for one month. Brawker is offering 2500 dollars worth of bitcoins to pay for the intern’s rent, food, utilities, and other expenses they may need.Brawker intends to shine a light on the bitcoin community and says they want to demonstrate that it is possible to live without the fiat money system.

We told you the other day about a German bank taking bitcoin under its wing and now a spanish bank has also joined the bitcoin community. Bankinter is a spanish bank that recently invested in Coinffeine, a bitcoin startup. Coinffeine is a platform where users can distribute and exchange fiat money and crypto currency. According to Coinffeine co-founder Sebastian Ortega “Coinffeine lets you keep ownership of your bitcoins in a way that only a distributed exchange can provide.”

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