Sean Hannity FIRED! from FOX News


megyn-kellySeveral high ranking sources in the Television and Radio News industry, speaking on strict anonymity, are reporting today that Sean Hannity has been fired by Fox News and will be replaced by Megan Kelly as the new face of Fox News.

Earlier this year Hannity’s ratings took a 35% dive.

Hannity began his career with Fox initially as a co-host on “Hannity & Colmes,” His former Co-host Alan Colmes, featured a liberal standpoint on the show, while Hannity presented the conservative viewpoint. In November of 2008, Colmes announced he would be leaving “Hannity and Colmes” opening the time slot for Hannity to take on the show solo.

344_rush-limbaugh-5-things-you-didnt-know_flashThats not all Hannity is being fired from, as more turmoil may be in his future. Other reports indicate that Hannity, and media giant Rush Limbaugh are set to lose over 40% of their radio audience after being dropped from 50 Cumulus Media stations.

Limbaugh is currently the most listened to radio show, and is broadcast on over 600 radio stations. Hannity is currently behind Limbaugh as the second most-listened to radio show, with 500 affiliates and roughly 13.5 million listeners per week.

After being with Fox News since 1996, it looks as though 2013 will be the end of Sean Hannity’s run.

Hannity will complete the remainder of his contract and be replaced by Megan Kelly once she returns from maternity leave.