Terror “Chatter” Likened To Pre-9/11


WASHINGTON – Sen. Saxby Chambliss, of Georgia, said Sunday the so-called “chatter” detected by U.S. intelligence agencies that led the Obama administration to order the closures and issue a global travel warning to Americans is “very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11.”

Sources have also stated the extraordinary volume of “chatter” follows months of “absolute quietness” on terrorist phone lines, computer outlets, websites and other communication outlets. Chambliss told NBC’s “Meet the Press” it is “the most serious threat I’ve seen in a number of years.”

Top U.S. officials were scheduled to meet this past weekend to review the threat, according to the White House. With the recent Al Qaeda-led prison breaks, including one in Aleppo,

Syria, this weekend that has freed hundreds of Al Qaeda operatives over the last month may have contributed to the escalation in “chatter” and has heightened American alarm over the plotting.

Recent prison breaks have been orchestrated at Abu Ghraib in Afghanistan, as well as sites in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan.