Report: Pro-Paul group stops fundraising


Purple PAC, one of three super-PACs supporting Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) presidential bid, has stopped raising money, according to a Tuesday report.

Ed Crane, the co-founder of the Cato Institute who oversees the super-PAC, reportedly told Politico that the lawmaker’s libertarian-leaning views had “disappeared.”
“I have stopped raising money for him until I see the campaign correct its problems,” Crane said. “I wasn’t going to raise money to spend on a futile crusade.”

Reporting only $1.15 million by June 30, Purple PAC has about a third of the money held by the largest super-PAC supporting Paul. In its mid-year FEC accounts, the top pro-Paul group – America’s Liberty PAC – reported $3.1 million in contributions.

Overall, the pro-Paul super-PACs have seen only a tiny fraction of cash held by the Kentucky senator’s Republican opponents.


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