Intoxicated Democrat Politician Arrested By Cops on Playground: “I’m The F**** Representative!”

Matt Gray (Broomfield Police Department)
Matt Gray, a Democrat Representative from Colorado, was arrested for being under the influence while attempting to pick his children up from school.
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This week, a Democrat politician in Colorado was arrested while picking up his children from school while intoxicated. What makes this already ridiculous story even more insane was the stuff he said to the police to try and cover his butt. This one is a doozy.

Colorado 33rd District Rep Matt Gray (D) had the cops called on him on April 21, at 4:49 PM while at the Coyote Ridge Elementary School after other parents noticed him behaving like he was intoxicated.

When the cops showed up to check on and arrest Mr. Gray, he was quick to let them know: “I’m the state f***ing representative for this state, so, like, you can Google me if you want to.”

According to the police report, the Democrat politician was hazy eyed and smelled like “some type of controlled substance.”

Source: Broomfield Police Department

When questioned about his career, Gray initially told the cops “he was a district attorney prosecutor who had prosecuted DUI cases and DV cases” before trying to brag about his “excellent parking job.”

The Democrat representative also became irate when cops told him they called his ex-wife to come and pick up the children since he was clearly not well enough to drive. His ex-wife told the police that she was grateful for their help and “has been dealing with his drinking on her own for years.”

Once he was placed in the patrol car, Grey continued his weird brag session, saying “Just know Brian Mason is my friend” before requesting for the cops “not to treat him differently than we would a normal person.” Brian Mason was the local District Attorney who he appeared to be hoping would get him out of the situation.

Matt Gray (via Broomfield Police Department)

Chris Hopper, director of communications with the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office where Brian Mason serves as DA, responded to the incident in a statement: “Representative Matt Gray previously served as a Deputy District Attorney in the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. Due to this conflict, District Attorney Brian Mason has recused his office from handling any case that could result from Rep. Gray’s arrest. The 1st Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Jefferson County has agreed to take over prosecutorial responsibilities.”

On the day of the actual arrest, Gray tweeted then deleted that he was not intoxicated and instead was suffering from “symptoms of anxiety and depression are such that too many people are worried when they’re around me.” He added: “I’m going to increase my level of therapy and appreciate all the support.”

Gray then announced he would not be running for reelection to a fourth and final term in November. The state Democratic party will convene a vacancy committee to select a candidate to run for Gray’s House District 33 seat in November, according to The Colorado Sun.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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