Special Council John Durham Just LEAKED Emails From Hillary Clinton Investigation

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Who doesn’t love a good political leak? Especially when the leaked emails are from Fusion GPS and directly involved in the investigation into Hillary Clinton and her 2016 election interference/fake Russian Dossier. If this leak was a fruit, it would be a watermelon because it’s just that juicy!

John Durham was busy filing reports on Monday when the slip-up was made. The Special Council wrote in one of the reports to “Leave to File Under Seal Exhibit A” and asked that “Exhibit A remain SEALED until further order of this Court, in order to protect privacy of those individuals whose names appear in the Exhibit.”

Durham said the sealed documents were “due to personally-identifiable information contained within the referenced emails.” Unfortunately for him, however, it appears they never actually got sealed and the info was released in the original documents.

Durham had demanded the review of 38 records by a judge concerning Democrat cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussman who was indicted on charges of concealing the Clinton campaign’s links from FBI general counsel James Baker when he handed over claims that the Trump Organization had a secret backchannel with Russia’s Alfa Bank.

By Tuesday the documents had been refiled and this time sealed.

Another filing by Durham on Monday had another shocking allegation in it.

Durham wrote: “If the purpose of Fusion GPS’s retention was — as Mr. Elias implies — to determine the bounds of what could (and could not) be said publicly without committing libel or defamation, then the record would reflect genuine efforts to remain within those bounds.”

He continued: “The facts and documents available to the Government tell a different story. The documents produced by Fusion GPS to date reflect hundreds of emails in which Fusion GPS employees shared raw, unverified, and uncorroborated information — including their own draft research and work product — with reporters … as part of a (largely successful) effort to trigger negative news stories about one of the Presidential candidates.”

Durham has been investigating the wide ranging conspiracy surrounding Hillary Clinton and the DNC funding a fake Russian dossier from a series of foreign spies to try and sabotage Trump’s campaign from President in 2016. Fusion GPS hired British spy Christopher Steele to secure the dossier after they themselves were hired by Perkins Coie and the Clinton Campaign’s general council Marc Elias. Steele then passed the dossier off to deceased Senator John McCain at a diplomatic event in England before he handed it over to the FBI.

It’s always encouraging to see this investigation moving forward, however many people are still very skeptical of whether or not federal investigations into powerful politicians are a legitimate tool to stop anything. Do you think Durham’s investigation will finally expose this large scale coverup and bring those guilty to justice or is it just another political ploy to bury the lead?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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