Illinois School District Reveals Curriculum Teaching Preschoolers About Gender Identity

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The community in an Illinois school district was surprised this month when they began teaching about sexual orientation and gender study, including lessons for preschoolers.

The Evanston/Skokie School District 65, a kindergarten through eighth-grade school district located north of Chicago, is using these lessons as part of their LGBTQ+ Equity Month, which is one of several specific celebrations the school features, along with Latinx Heritage Month and Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action.

While claiming to be inclusive of views, these celebrations have used the controversial BLM movement and the ‘woke’ term Latinx which is strongly opposed by members of the Hispanic/Latino community according to an NBC poll last year that many find offensive as well.

“Throughout the month, educators and pre k-8th grade students will broaden their understanding of the identity of self and others, allyship, family structures, vocabulary, gender expression, stereotypes, colors on the intersectional pride flag, and the historical contributions of LGBTQ+ people. Each grade level engages in a selection of these topics,” the district said in an announcement addressed to families according to Fox News.

The district posted details of the lessons for each grade on its website. Preschool students will learn such vocabulary words as gay, lesbian, non-binary, and queer. The concept of transgender is taught in kindergarten.

First graders are taught how to use pronouns, including “ze,” “zir,” and “hir,” and lesson plans include “social justice standards” that indoctrinate students at an earlier age.

In second grade, lessons expand this concept by discussing “sex assigned at birth,” and saying that sex assigned by a doctor is “different from gender identity.”

Finally, in the eighth grade, students are taught about “recent bills that aim to limit transgender athletes from participating in school sports,” and are directed on what “actions they can take about these bills.”

These types of inappropriate lessons about sexual orientation and gender identity for young children have been subject to laws throughout the country protecting the parental rights to what is being taught in the classroom. The most well-known example is the Florida bill signed by Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis’s press secretary Christina Pushaw addressed the Evanston/Skokie School District’s controversial lessons in a statement to Fox News.

“This is appalling, but it’s not surprising. Countless activists, politicians, and media outlets have been gaslighting parents by claiming that “there is no sex ed in K-3” or “kindergarteners aren’t learning about transgenderism.” Unfortunately, this isn’t true, and that’s why Governor DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education law – to protect kids in Florida from inappropriate content in the classroom and to defend parents’ rights to impart their values to their own children,” Pushaw said.

Are you surprised how far the left will go to indoctrinate our children with radical “woke” ideas at such a young age?

Ed Gonzalez

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