Black Democrat Admits: ‘Day-To-Day Reality’ Has ‘Gotten Worse’ For Black Americans Under Joe Biden

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On Friday, CNN political contributor Van Jones joined the network’s show “New Day” and made a shocking admission about how Americans, specifically Black Americans, are handling life under the Joe Biden administration.

During the program, Jones said life for black Americans has gotten worse since Biden took office last year.

“Day-to-day reality for Black folks hasn’t improved,” Jones said. “In fact, because of inflation and other things, it’s gotten worse — and so you’re starting to see that disappointment factor set in.”

“Do you think it will change the voting patterns?” Berman asked in response.

“I think that it may well,” Jones continued. “Also, don’t forget, you have had a concerted effort on the part of conservatives to recast the Republican Party as the party of the multi-racial working class.”

During the same program, Jones also admitted that Republicans are doing an effective job when it comes to messaging to black voters, specifically regarding the state of the economy now versus its state during the Trump administration.
Jones’ claim is backed up by a recent Gallup poll that shows black support for Joe Biden has dropped significantly since he took office. Among black voters, Biden’s approval is down from 87% to 67% — a 20 point drop. Similarly, among Hispanic voters, Biden has lost 21 points — with his approval rating falling from 73% to 52% in the last year.

The poll also found that Biden’s average approval rating among all American adults was 56%, but, after one year, that average has now dropped 14 points to 42%.

Black Democrat Admits: ‘Day-To-Day Reality’ Has ‘Gotten Worse’ For Black Americans Under Joe Biden

Kaitlin Housler

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