DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Didn’t Know Key Facts About Head of New Disinformation Governance Board

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The Biden administration’s new Disinformation Governance Board will be headed up by Nina Jankowicz. It was someone at the Department of Homeland Security who picked Jankowicz to head the Board, which some have called the “Ministry of Truth.” Now, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, admits there is a lot of pretty important information he didn’t know about her.

Alejandro Mayorkas testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee Wednesday, where Senator John Kennedy got to ask him some important questions. First, Senator Kennedy asked this: “when the Department picked her did it know that she had said that Mr. Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation?” Mayorkas responded, “I was not aware of that, but we do not discuss the internal hiring process. Ultimately, as the Secretary I am responsible for the decisions of the Department of Homeland Security.” We all now know that the Hunter Biden laptop story has been proven true.

Kennedy next asked Mayorkas if knew that Jankowicz vouched for the truth of the now discredited Steele dossier. Mayorkas responded, “Senator, let me repeat myself and add an additional fact. One, we do not discuss internal hiring processes. Two, I was not aware of that fact. Three, as the Secretary of Homeland Security I am responsible for the decisions of the Department, and it is my understanding that Ms. Jankowicz is a subject-matter expert in the field in which she will be working on behalf of the Department.” 

Senator Kennedy ended his grilling of Mayorkas by saying what to many would be obvious. Regarding whomever was responsible for hiring Jankowicz, Kennedy said, “I would fire him on the spot.”

Should someone as politically biased as Nina Jankowicz be the head of the “Ministry of Truth?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Stacey Warner

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