Kamala Harris Has Harsh Rebuttal To Possible Abortion Repeal As The Left Takes To The Street in Violence

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Kamala Harris responded angrily to the news of the Supreme Court’s draft leaked opinion to strike down Roe v Wade and allow states to determine abortion laws.

The statement was released after Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed that the draft was genuine and not the final document. 

Instead of being concerned about who would want to undermine the court, Harris instead focused on attacking an opinion that does not exist yet.

“Roe ensure a women’s right to choose to have an abortion, It also, at its root, protects the fundamental right to privacy,” Kamala Harris said in a statement. “What is clear is that the opponents of Roe want to punish women and take away their rights to make decisions about their own bodies. Republican legislators in states across the country are weaponizing the use of law against women.”

These comments are similar to what Joe Biden and other Democrats have put out since the Politico reported on the leaked draft opinion.

We have seen the Supreme Court order barricades to surround their building to prevent leftist protestors from damaging the building.

The fear the court has seemed justified after violence broke out on Tuesday in Los Angeles has pro-abortion protesters attacked police and destroyed at least one police car over the possible repeal of the law.

The harsh response from Democrat politicians seems to be resulting in the similar violence that was displayed during the George Floyd protests that destroyed police stations and led to attacks on other institutions. 

Do you think we will see similar acts of violence happen toward the Supreme Court?

Ed Gonzalez

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