Mayorkas Asked If His Claims That The Border Is Under Control Would Count As “Disinformation”

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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was once again on the hot seat trying to explain his inability to keep our border secure. 

Republican West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito relentlessly went after Mayorkas about the claims that the Biden administration has the border under control as it was revealed that ICE had a record-low number of deportations. This despite seeing a surge of border crossing.

Capito went as far as to ask if it would count as “disinformation” under the controversial Information Governance Board while demanding that the board should be abandoned.

“I think, quite honestly, for the good of the rest of the department, that now is a good time to abandon this ludicrous and much maligned idea. I wonder, when you say that we have operational control of the border, is that definitionally disinformation?” Capito asked. “Because, from a lot of our perspectives, we don’t believe that is true.”

The amount of deportation has been shockingly low considering that border agents had more than 2 million encounters last year. While 1.2 million people are currently facing deportation orders only 59,000 were actually deported in 2021, a record low figure.

This comes at a time when Biden wants to repeal Title 42 which is expected to cause another surge at the border as agent encounters are expected to triple. This could lead to border agencies running out of money by July and Biden has been preparing to ask lawmakers for hundreds of millions of additional dollars to make up the shortfall, according to the Daily Mail.

Do you think it would be ironic if the first item for the Information Governance Board is for Biden and Mayorkas to explain why they are not telling the truth about the southern border being secured?

Ed Gonzalez

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