James Carville: Democrats Are Addicted to Hopeless Causes

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When Americans think of all time great political strategists, James Carville definitely comes to mind for his legendary campaign to elect Bill Clinton and his ability to flip otherwise Republican voters. Now the Rajun Cajun is back and on the attack again…this time against the Democrats.

Carville was appearing on CNN’s OutFront to talk about the reignited debate on abortion following the appeal of Roe v Wade. However, it wasn’t Republicans who he blamed for the change, but his own Democrats and their irrational love for ridiculous causes.

Carville told the host, “Today they [Republicans] have no fear of Democrats, that’s why they do this. You gotta’ understand what a huge event this is in American politics…Roe v Wade is is over two-to-one in approval and Alito and them said we don’t care. We’re not fair, and we don’t care and all the Democrats are going to do is sit around talking about veganism and pronouns.”

“I hope that people understand, the Louisiana legislature passed a bill today out of committee that would make a 20-year-old young female – if she wants to get an abortion – charged with homicide,” the strategist continued.

He then expressed his opinion that Dems have become nothing but DC swamp rats while Republicans are taking action in states, “In Texas, the governor has challenged the right to public education for children. In Oklahoma, they passed a bill that you can’t even get an abortion [even if pregnancy is dangerous] for the mother. They [Democrats] need to get out of Washington, and start motivating people.”

And that’s when he dropped the real bombshell. One that is guaranteed to upset radical leftists everywhere, saying, “They were always going to lose those races, but Democrats keep doing this stupid s***. They’re too damn emotional. Democrats obsess over high-profile races they can’t win because that’s where all the attention is. We’re addicted to hopeless causes.”

James Carville is known as a winner and a great communicator. He used to be a major driving force behind the success of the Democrat party. Do you think they will heed his warning to stop being DC elitists and reaching out to real people or is that party too far gone?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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