Major Lib Celebrity: Conservatives Want to Traffic Babies for Satan

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The looney liberal Hollyweirdos are back at it again with their crazy fiery rhetoric and insane statements that most news organizations refuse to question. Now Actress Rosanna Arquette has declared that the conservative SCOTUS justices are trying to traffic babies for…wait for it…SATAN!

Arquette is technically known for playing forgettable characters in movies like “Pulp Fiction” and “The Big Blue” but is actually best known for being related to the actor from Scream who married Monica from Friends. Still, her family’s clout amongst the liberal lefties in Tinseltown gave her all the power she needed to post what may be the craziest pro-choice tweet yet from a famous person.

“No ,it’s not hysterical or alarmist ,They will traffic babies that many women can’t afford to keep,” Arquette tweeted, “There is a huge money making market world wide for babies and behind that is organ trafficking the majority Supreme Court justices are officially the satanic force.”

Of course, her little accusation about the primarily-Catholic Supreme Court being secret satanic baby traffickers wasn’t even the only crazy thing she posted. In fact, she has had a whole string of wild messages posted since the draft decision to end Roe v Wade was leaked from the Supreme Court.

One of her hits include things like “Get your boots off our Wombs,” a misplaced reference from a rich white woman to the BLM rally cry of “Get your knees off our necks” in reference to the death of George Floyd.

And she didn’t end there. The actress also declared that “A slimy drunk rapist has taken away womens right to choose” in a clear reference to the hearings of Justice Brett Kavanaugh who was accused of raping a girl at a college party although the accusations were never proven on any level.

She also posted a few very upset Mother’s Day tweets including one showing how much she despises men that said “Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in solidarity…and remember that EVERY man comes after us.”

Another one called for an “Army of Men and Women” to begin giving abortions to young women when Roe v Wade ends.

“An army of women and men around the country and the world are ready to make sure any woman girl who needs a safe abortion will be able to get one because the draconian laws SCOTUS is trying to implement will not work .Happy Mother’s Day.”

It’s unclear if this alleged “Army” she is referencing is remotely qualified to perform such a delicate and dangerous procedure or if they are just angry leftists like Arquette.

While these tweets from a Hollywood legacy actress are absolutely disturbing, it is unlikely to be the worst thing that comes out of that town while this debate rages across our country. Do you think actors believe the stuff they say or are they simply acting for the public to appease the people in charge who decide on what roles they get?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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