Pro Abortion Protestors Circle SCOTUS Justice’s Homes

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Pro abortion protestors circled Supreme Court Associate Justice Kavanaugh’s home in Chevy Chase, Maryland Saturday night, yelling “my body, my choice.”

After they left Justice Kavanaugh’s home the protestors, about 100 in number, walked half a mile, circling and chanting outside Chief Justice John Roberts’ home as well. The police appeared at both locations and broke up the protests, asking them to leave the premises.

The protestors were there to protest the likely overturning of the landmark decision Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide in 1973. Protests erupted across the nation after an opinion, drafted by Associate Justice Samuel Alito, was leaked last Monday. In the draft opinion, Justice Alito said the Roe v. Wade decision was “egregiously wrong from the start.”

The group, “Ruth Sent Us,” is apparently behind the release of the locations of the homes of what they called “the six extremist justices.” They even provided a map which laid out the locations of the Justice’s homes “where the six Christian fundamentalist Justices issue their shadow docket rulings from.”

The Justices they were referring to are Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Barrett and Chief Justice John Roberts, all but Gorsuch of whom are Catholic. Liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor is also Catholic.

“Ruth Sent Us” also planned protests at churches on Mother’s Day, appearing at at least one church chanting “Without this basic right, women can’t be free — abortion on demand and without apology.”

Should protestors be showing up outside the homes of the United States Supreme Court Justices? What should be done about this and how do you think the Justices were feeling when this happened?

Stacey Warner

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