Supreme Court Leak: Ted Cruz Thinks He Knows Who Did It

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz believes he may know who committed the Supreme Court leak regarding the fate of the controversial case Roe v. Wade. He has it narrowed down to 12 possibilities but has speculated about someone he thinks most likely did it.

According to Cruz, the most likely person to have committed the Supreme Court leak would be a Clerk for Justice Sonia Sotomayor. On Thursday’s segment of “Verdict with Ted Cruz”, he said this: “If I were to guess the most likely Justice for whom the law clerk is clerking is Sonia Sotomayor … because she is the most partisan of the Justices and so she’s the most likely the higher wild-eyed partisan as clerks. I have no evidence of that, I’m just making an inference.”

Cruz also expressed how upset he was that a Supreme Court draft opinion was leaked to Politico. He said, “It is stunning to a level that is horrifying.”

You can see Cruz discuss his thoughts, ideas and opinions here:

Courtesy of Verdict With Ted Cruz via

Senator Cruz thinks whoever leaked could be in big trouble. “If they lie in the course of the investigation, I think they should be prosecuted and they should serve the maximum prison time possible. If they don’t lie it’s a little more complicated whether they’ve in fact violated a criminal prohibition or not. … I think, regardless, the penalty should be as significant as possible, because the damage to the Court will be far-lasting. It is going to make it incredibly difficult for the justices to trust the process of deciding cases in a collaborative manner, sharing drafts, going back and forth.”

Cruz says at minimum he is “confident” that the leaker will be fired and disbarred if he/she has already received their law license.

Proponents of abortion have another theory. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes has said he thinks a conservative could have leaked the opinion. He Tweeted this:

Was it a liberal or a conservative?

Stacey Warner

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