Trump Admits to HUGE Revelation by Former Defense Secretary Esper

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Former President Donald Trump is always being attacked by someone and having some new, exciting thriller expose being written about him by former employees. Now he is being targeted by another one of his former Secretaries of Defense, something that seems to have become a norm for the former leader of the country.

This time the attacks came from Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper. In a new 60 Minutes interview, Esper unloaded on the former president with claims including his desire to send 10,00 troops to occupy Washington DC after a church was burned down, that he wanted cops to shoot protesters in their legs, that Esper had taken away Trump’s authority in to use the Insurrection Act to quell protests, and that Trump wanted to bomb the Mexican drug cartels with US missiles.

Donald Trump, not being one to shy away from a fight, took the questions head on with his own statement to 60 Minutes about each claim. He shot down the 10,000 troops, saying he actually wanted them to protect Congress on January 6th from protesters but Pelosi didn’t want them there.

He said the shooting protesters in the legs claim was a total lie, saying he has at least 10 witnesses who can back him up on that and that Esper, who Trump called Yesper, was a total yes man who would have done anything the President told him to. Trump also said he never considered the Insurrection Act because he never needed to invoke it to quell protests.

Then we come to the final claim about shooting American missiles into Mexico to take out cartel leaders. Trump seemingly confirmed this claim, simply adding a “no comment” to his response letter where he had otherwise refuted every other claim.

President Trump always spoke out strongly against the Cartels and their influence in Mexico and beyond. He has never shied away from the notion of using force to defeat them, and used their violence and transportation of opioids to justify the building of the Wall. Do you think he was really ready to bomb them and end them once and for all? What do you think stopped him?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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