Biden Acts Like Child On Inflation; Blames Everyone But Himself In Speech

President Joe Biden is blaming everyone but himself for the record inflation. Picture via White House Flickr.
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Joe Biden surprised no one when he refused to take any responsibility for the rise in inflation that happened immediately after he took office in a recent speech at the White House. 

While Biden labeled inflation as his top domestic priority, he did not mention any new ideas on how to stop the skyrocketing prices. In fact, Biden seemed confused about why we even have high inflation.

“I think our policies help. Not hurt,” Biden said to reporters about if he accepted responsibility for the rampant inflation. “The vast majority of the economists think that this is going to be a real tough problem to solve, but it’s not because of spending.”

Biden’s belief that he did not cause the high inflation goes against what economists have previously warned about his policies.

When he signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan relief package, many economists said that caused inflation to run higher than it otherwise would.

Harvard University economists Jason Furman and Larry Summers, both officials in past Democratic administrations, warned of inflation rising because of the size of the relief package. Many conservative economists joined them, including Michael Strain of the American Enterprise Institute, the Associated Press said in a fact check on whether Biden’s policies cause high inflation.

It is understandable why Biden does not want to believe his far-left policies caused these issues in our economy but it does not deal with the reality of the situation on the ground.

We have seen gas prices rise quickly again setting record highs in the northeast and other states with no end in sight.

Voters also do not think that Biden has done enough to try and stop it. CNN reports that 81% of the public thinks the government is not doing enough to combat inflation. 

Are you seeing effects to your pocket book from Biden’s economy?

Ed Gonzalez

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