Democrats Plan To Spend $60 Billion More Despite Record Inflation

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Inflation is at a 40 year high and what do the Democrats want to do? Why, spend more money! Ukraine and Covid-19 are their favorites!

Joe Biden and the Democrats ignore our southern borders, where thousands of immigrants are literally lying in wait to cross into our country. Instead, they obsess about Russia and Ukraine and plan to throw $40 billion more to Ukraine to protect their borders, while ignoring ours.

Biden and the Democrats intend to spend another $20 on coronavirus. Here’s their plan, according to Punchbowl News:

“Congress is going to move forward quickly on a nearly $40 billion aid package for Ukraine. The proposal is $6.8 billion above the White House’s $33 billion request. It provides $3.4 billion more than the Biden administration sought for military aid, plus another $3.4 billion in additional humanitarian aid. House and Senate appropriators spent the last week privately negotiating the proposal. […] House Democratic leaders – including Speaker Nancy Pelosi – have pushed for nearly $20 billion for additional Covid funding, in line with what the White House said it needs. The Senate had been considering a pared-back package worth roughly $10 billion.”

“This package should pass relatively easily, although there will be questions raised about the overall U.S. strategy in Ukraine. If the package is approved as outlined, the U.S. commitment to help Ukraine fight off the Russian invasion – and dealing with the humanitarian crisis caused by the horrific conflict – will soar past $50 billion. It won’t end with this legislation either. Ukraine will need large amounts of continued U.S. military, economic and humanitarian backing for an undetermined period of time.”

It will never end! Yet still, there is no discussion about how to bring peace to that region. All the Democrats talk about is how much more money they can send to defend Ukraine. That is not the solution and it’s breaking our country.

Watch as Biden tells us he’s “taking inflation very seriously” and it’s his “top domestic priority:”

Courtesy of Yahoo Finance via

Does anyone know what he’s talking about? Once again, Biden blames inflation on the pandemic and “Mr. Putin’s war in Ukraine.” Ridiculous.

Now the Democrats are using the abortion issue as a sort of smoke and mirrors, to distract voters from the economy. With the midterms fast approaching, it’s more and more obvious what party the Supreme Court leaker is from. All their voters are now fixated on the abortion issue and will certainly vote ‘D’ down the ticket. This is their plan, to get their terrible economic policies through.

No one likes to be manipulated, but that is exactly what the Democrats are doing to their voters. Most of them have no idea, either, and probably don’t care, since their precious Roe v. Wade is at risk. Do you think the Democrat’s plan will work?

Stacey Warner

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