Iran Refusing To Cooperate With UN Atomic Agency After Enriched Uranium Is Detected

Biden pictured on the phone on the left and on the right Iran's leader Khamenei seen speaking. Pictures via White House Flickr and Wikipedia.
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Iran is back to the defiant mode when it comes to whether there is any presence of nuclear materials to possibly create an atomic bomb.

The UN atomic energy watchdog chief expressed concern to the European Parliament that talks have stalled with Iran’s non-cooperation as the EU tries to revive talks from the 2015 nuclear agreement.

This is in light of the UN detecting trace amounts of enriched uranium that had not been previously disclosed, leading to fears that Iran may be planning on restarting its nuclear weapons program.

Conversations between Iran and European powers have been non-existent since mid-March after it failed to clarify questions about the presence of nuclear material at undeclared sites in Iran. This is after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Iran announced in March that they had agreed to an approach for resolving issues crucial to reviving the 2015 nuclear accord.

That accord curtailed Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

IAEA head Rafael Grossi told a European Parliament Committee that they are still trying to clarify several unresolved issues with Iran.

‘I am referring to the fact that we, in the last few months, were able to identify traces of enriched uranium in places that had never been declared by Iran as places where any activity was taking place,’ he said according to the Daily Mail.

The United States, seeking to come back to the deal that President Donald Trump unilaterally left in 2018, voiced hope for progress.

One sticking point is Iran’s demand that Joe Biden removes the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s elite security force, from the US Foreign Terrorist Organization list.

Many Americans remember former President Obama’s support of the Iran Nuclear Deal – which many experts panned as a bad idea from the start. Watch the infamous moment it was announced.

When the Iran Nuclear Deal was announced, Obama’s White House released the following statement:

“Before this agreement, Iran’s breakout time — or the time it would have taken for Iran to gather enough fissile material to build a weapon — was only two to three months. Today, because of the Iran deal, it would take Iran 12 months or more. And with the unprecedented monitoring and access this deal puts in place, if Iran tries, we will know and sanctions will snap back into place.”

Do you think Iran has lived up to their part of the deal to be accepted back into a treaty with the US? Would Biden do it?

Ed Gonzalez

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