Joe Biden Falls AGAIN Trying to Enter Air Force One

Biden Falls Entering Air Force One
Biden Falls Entering Air Force One
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Joe Biden keeps on falling! Maybe we should just call him Slippin Joe Biden going forward. It would almost be funny if he weren’t supposed to be the President of the United States of America. Here he falls again.

President Joe Biden always seems to have a lot of trouble getting into Air Force One. He has had a few embarrassing slips and now, you guessed it, he has done it again.

This time Joe was leaving on a trip to Illinois to try and cover up his horrific inflation by blaming it on everyone else. Not only 5 steps up the stairs and BOOM! Slippin Joe did what he does best…HE FELL!

And we all know this isn’t a one-time incident, either. Who can ever forget the triple fall Biden made on his trip to Atlanta in 2021? Not one. Not two. But 3 falls in a row.

Look, it’s not like a president is supposed to be perfect. Still, it’s not exactly confidence building for our allies when it appears that the leader of the free world could break down at any second.

Combine his falling with countless gaffes, outbursts, and even pretend storied repeated over and over again by President Biden and you have a recipe for disaster. At this point the best we can hope for is to get him out in 2024 and hope that Russia and China haven’t taken over all of Asia and Europe by that point.

And let’s not forget the troves of emails discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop that implicate his father’s hand in countless shady business deals with the exact countries we listed above. Do you think our country can survive the next two years with Biden in charge, even if we have Republicans to freeze him up? Would you support using the 25th Amendment if it meant Kamala Harris becomes President?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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