Biden Tells Farmers Inflation is Because of Putin’s War

Biden Blames Putin For Farm Shortages
Biden Blames Putin For Farm Shortages
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In his continuing effort to blame everything and everyone but himself, Joe Biden told some Illinois farmers that it’s “Putin’s war” that’s causing all the problems here at home.

Biden made a weak attempt to ingratiate himself to the farmers, by telling them “[y]ou’re like the backbone of freedom.” He added, “[e]very investment banker can leave their job and [if] every farmer left we’d all starve to death.”

Biden said, “[r]ight now America’s fighting on two fronts: At home it’s inflation and rising prices. Abroad it’s helping Ukrainians defend their democracy and feeding those who are left hungry around the world.”

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“What he didn’t talk about is the billions of dollars that he is throwing at “Putin’s War,” instead of making any effort to help negotiate for peace. The former is making inflation worse while the latter would cost him little but time and effort.

According to the Daily Mail, the latest inflation report showed that “US food prices are rising at a dizzying pace, with the index for all food up 9.4 percent from last year, the largest 12-month increase since 1981.”

Biden continued to try to keep the focus on “Putin’s war” which he said “has cut off crucial sources of food.” He told the farmers that 20 million tons of grain is stuck in Ukrainian silos.

It is scary to think that a U.S. President would egg on a war that is killing so many people, in order to save his own behind, and have something and someone to blame his incompetence on. I hope he at least thinks he’s doing the right thing by continuing to throw money at Ukraine, while he ignores his own borders. Do you think Biden knows exactly what he’s doing?

Stacey Warner

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