Congress Waiting TWO WEEKS to Deal With Baby Formula Shortage

Rep Frank Pallone Sets Hearing Date for Baby Formula Shortage
Rep Frank Pallone Sets Hearing Date for Baby Formula Shortage
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Do Democrats just want to lose at this point? Is it part of some secret plan to try and blame the disaster of Biden’s presidency on Republicans? All of these seem like real possibilities after Pelosi’s Congress announced they will finally deal with the baby food shortage…IN TWO WEEKS!

A hearing was set for Wednesday, May 25 in the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Democrat Chairman Rep Frank Pallone released a statement via the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s website. In it, Pallone said, “The nationwide infant formula shortages are increasingly alarming and demand Congress’ immediate attention. Ensuring the safety and well-being of our nation’s children, including safe and nutritious formula, is one of our most important collective responsibilities.”

In an overtly political move, Rep. Pallone used the announcement to try and praise President Biden despite his months of inaction as we reached this nationwide shortage. He said, “I commend the Biden Administration and the Food and Drug Administration’s recent actions to increase supply of infant formula and stand ready to work together until this shortage is resolved. The focus of this hearing will be on better understanding the causes of the shortage, what has been done to increase production and supply thus far, and what more still needs to be done to ensure access to safe formula across the nation.”

The move comes on the heals of the FDA okaying the release of new formula from an Abbott baby formula production plant on a case by case basis.

The plant was closed back in February after the FDA warned parents to stop using powders produced there after two infants died from bacterial infections. Abbott denied they were linked to the location, but the FDA was still conducting their investigation amidst the shortage.

The current shortage of baby formula has led to mothers paying nearly $100 for formula in some cases as well as others making potentially dangerous, homemade formulas simply to try and feed their newborns. Why do you think it took Biden and the Democrats so long to acknowledge this huge problem and take action?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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