Moms Are Re-Lactating As Baby Formula Shortage Continues

Moms Relactating To Supply Milk Amid Formula Shortage
Moms Relactating To Supply Milk Amid Formula Shortage
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Parents across America are going to the store to get their baby formula, only to find that the shelves are bare. This has to be a terrifying feeling, so some moms are trying to take care of their babies another way.

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One mom in Ohio, Joya Coatley, said this: “It’s a really scary time because I’ve just never thought that there would be an issue with getting baby formula.” That’s why she has decided to try relactating.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Relactation is the process by which a parent reestablishes lactation after having stopped for some time (weeks or months).” Furthermore, the CDC says, Relactation can be a time consuming process. Many parents will be able to partially or fully lactate with the right support. Success will depend in part on parental motivation and dedication to the process and access to skilled assistance from a lactation support provider. Milk production …may take weeks to months. The start of relactation will depend on the length of time that has passed since lactation stopped previously and the age of the baby.” 

Even though the baby formula shortage has been brewing since at least February, the first time the Democrats even brought it up was this week. Then they decided to wait another two weeks to do anything about it!  

Insider reports that, “at 5 months old, Coatley’s daughter is too young for anything but formula or breast milk, and she wonders why the government isn’t stepping in to get infant formula to the families that need it, and she resents that relactation seems to be the only solution being floated.”

That seems to be the question of the day for all parents of infant children. One guess is that the Democrats have been so fixated on Ukraine, they have lost any interest in what is happening here in the country they are supposed to be leading. Why do you think Biden and Congress only just start noticing this issue?

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