BLM Co-Founder Cullors Breaks Down in Tears Over Candace Owens

Patrice Cullors Exposed by Candace Owens
Patrice Cullors Exposed by Candace Owens
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The queen of Black Lives Matters broke down in tears this weekend at the hands of Conservative TV personality Candace Owens. According to her, Candace was making her feel unsafe in her multi-million dollar mansion. Boo-freaking-hoo.

So a little background. Candace was doing reporting for her bosses at DailyWire and decided to visit the mega mansion in LA. The mansion recently became the topic of conversation when it turned out BLM co-founder Patrice Cullors has been using it for personal parties including a massive party for her young child.

Candace barley even reached the property, simply speaking to a WHITE security guard asking if anyone was there. To try and spin the story, Cullors took to Instagram crying and whining about being “unsafe”.

“I really need my family to be safe. I need to be safe,” Cullors whined, “I need my child to be safe, and what happened this morning is not safety.”

“It’s unacceptable and it’s dangerous for anybody, any stranger, to come outside of my house,” Cullors said of the alleged business property which she clearly uses as a personal residence.

She then tried to make it about race, despite Candace Owens also being black, “They are purposefully building a wedge between black people because they know that when we are together, we’re stronger, and they’ve seen what we’ve done this last decade, and they are literally trying to destroy us, destroy me, destroy the movement.”

Cullors has come under fire from supporters of the Black Lives Matters movement for spending a large sum of donations on luxury events and property while hiding the purchases from her supporters.

Explaining the reason behind her spending habits, Cullors told the Associated Press, “We looked at commercial buildings and we looked at homes and then we found this really amazing space that’s a sweet spot between commercial and residential.”

Since the release of the information, internal emails from BLM have discussed potential ways to both “kill the story” or even try and spin it to make it seem like they were trying to desegregate the neighborhood and de-inflate the property values in the are.

It seems like the walls are closing in on the once-powerful founder of BLM. While Cullors used to have a significant amount of social and political influence, at this point she is struggling to keep the sharks at bay. Do you think she will ever be held to account or will she make off like a bandit into the sunset?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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