Top House Democrat Admits Biden is to Blame for Baby Formula Crisis

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Even the most powerful Democrats in the country are jumping ship over the Biden Administration’s giant screw-up that led that the baby formula crisis currently facing our country. You can officially add top House Democrat Rep Rosa DeLauro to that list.

‘I want to hold the bad actors whomever they are accountable,’ she said in a web chat Monday.  She told them, “Parents are desperate.”

She then tore into both Abbott for the issues that led to their Sturgeous plant being closed down, as well as Biden’s own FDA for letting it happen then not acting quickly enough to fix the issue.

“I’m looking at a company that has put profit over people, and it’s plain wrong,” The Congresswoman stated. “The company was aware of the failure and they attempted to hide that information from the Food and Drug Administration and the Food and Drug Administration just dragged their feet in making this public,” she raged about the crisis.

“And with regard to the product, this needs to be right and it’s not just being right to get outside the door. That that is about their their profit motive here,” she said, referrencing the formula from the plant that has been linked to the deaths of several infants in the country.

Rep DeLauro explained Abbott’s role in the current crisis as well, telling the New Haven Independent in and interview, “An October whistleblower’s report sent to FDA laid out what Abbott did or did not do. In essence they were selling a contaminated product. They falsified records related to testing . They released untested infant formula. The allegations went on and on.”

“What are we doing?” she questioned before adding, “The federal government needs to step in and do something about it immediately.”

That’s the question that millions of desperate American parents are asking right now. From the information that has been made public, the actions of the federal government are murky at best and Pelosi slated congress to take up the issue several weeks down the road.

Do you think the baby formula shortage will play a major role for parents voting in the upcoming election? Do you think it will be enough to trigger a red wave?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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