Amber Heard May Have Perjured Herself

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When Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorced in 2016, Heard said she would split the $7 million settlement between the American Civil Liberties Union and the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. She has yet to do either. Let’s talk about why that could be a problem for her.

You see, Amber Heard told a court she had already donated the money, under oath during Heard and Depp’s UK High Court libel case. On Monday, however, she told a different court she has yet to make the full donation. Her excuse? “Because Johnny sued me for $50million in March of 2019.”

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This is a big problem for multiple reasons. First, it’s perjury, which is a crime. Second, if her truthfulness is called into question on that issue, it can be called into question on everything.  

The Daily Mail reported: “Heard appeared on Dutch talk show RTL Late Night in 2018 where she said: ‘$7million in total was donated – I split it between the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. I wanted nothing.'” So she not only lied to a court, she lied to the public. This will definitely hurt her in the Court of Public Opinion.

Perjury would be difficult to prove. First, a case would have to be proven in the UK and Heard is in the United States. So she would have to be extradited. Second, perjury “is notoriously difficult to bring and prosecute a perjury case. You have to show that someone deliberately told an untruth as opposed to them being confused or misremembering. I think it would be a very difficult thing to do,” explained legal expert Mark Stephens.

But even if Heard is never formally prosecuted for perjury, this could have a major impact on the current trial. Her truthfulness can be called into question and once that happens, it will be difficult to believe any of her testimony.

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Stacey Warner

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