Signs a Gas Shortage Is Looming

Gas prices continue to sky rock
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As anyone who drives knows, gas has gotten very expensive. Gas was inexpensive when President Trump was leading the country, but prices have done nothing but rise since Biden has been in the White House.

Lately, however, reports have been coming out that some gas stations are running out of gas. Further, a gas station in Washington state has reprogrammed its pumps so that they can go into the double digits. As in, $10 and up. Could a gas shortage be looming?

A Facebook group in the Tri-cities area of Washington has reported at least ten gas stations have experienced a gas shortage. Recently, Representative Jim Jordan Tweeted this: “Joe Biden just canceled a 1-million-plus acre oil lease in Alaska. It’s like they’re intentionally trying to have high gas prices.”

Gas prices after rising sharply for awhile, did start to come down a bit. But they have gone right back up. The Post Millennial reports: “The United States set a new record in gas prices over the weekend, which surged to a new high of $4.43, according to AAA. This is up from $4.08 in April and $3.00 in May of last year. The spiking energy costs are contributing to the highest inflation rates the country has seen in 40 years.”

See what other places are reporting extremely high gas prices

It has to be very disconcerting to drive up to a gas station, only to see signs that say they are out of gas. To learn other stations are also out must be scary indeed. As a nation, unless you live in a place like New York City, we are dependent on our cars to get to work, school and everywhere else. Are you worried that the country will run out of gas?

Stacey Warner

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