Video of Putin’s Foot Shows How Unhealthy He Is

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No folk, it’s not just some random Russian dance! A strange new video of Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone viral for allegedly indicating his health is not good.

Putin was meeting with Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon to shore up his relations with the country during a time of international turmoil for Russia.

Despite trying to strike his normally imposing figure, something very strange began happening with Putin’s left foot during the meeting. It started shaking wildly while he was speaking.

In late 2020 a rumor b began spreading that Putin was possibly suffering from cancer or Parkinson’s or even both. Interestingly, the uncontrollable shaking of a foot like that is a common symptom associated with Parkinson’s.

Other pieces of evidence exist to back up this claim including a video of his hand shaking wildly during another meeting and one of him tensely gripping his deck.

Vladimir Putin is currently at war with Russia’s neighbor, Ukraine, after he decided to storm the country after claiming Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is the new Hitler.

Since his decision to go to war, Russia has suffered heavy military losses and been hit by a plethora of sanctions, essentially cutting it off economically from the rest of the world.

The storming of Ukraine also triggered other Eastern European countries, including Finland and Sweden, to join the anti-Russian alliance NATO. This is something they had avoided for years.

Putin was also recently criticized for missing an important national hockey game over the alleged health concerns, after which strange spots were noticed on his face.

With all of this negative information coming out about the leader of Russia, it’s easy to begin to wonder what’s true and what’s propaganda. Do you think Putin is really unhealthy? Do you think he is making illogical decisions because of it?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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