Baby Formula Shortage Leads to Two Hospitalizations

Baby hospitalized due to baby formula shortage
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Parents of young children have been scrambling to find baby formula. It’s not an easy task, especially when there’s a shortage and your child requires a special diet. Two children in Tennessee fell ill in May because of this.

At Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, according to the division chief of pediatric gastroenterology, Mark Corkins, two young children with special dietary requirements have had to be treated due to the baby formula shortage.

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The parents, from two different families, were forced to feed their young children an alternative formula from the specialized formula they required. Both became dehydrated. The Hill obtained a statement from Dr. Corkins in which he said: “These are young children who have health conditions and special medical needs that have specific dietary requirements. Their bodies did not adapt well to the new formula type and they required treatment via IV fluids and supplemental nutrition.” He said that the hospital has to make “multiple substitutions throughout a child’s care to ensure that their nutritional needs are met.” He added: “This can be a complicated and cumbersome process and is extremely difficult for parents to navigate on their own.”

See what Biden finally did to help solve the baby formula crisis

Even though parents have had issues locating formula since February, the Biden administration only began paying attention this week. Jill Biden even had to audacity to release a public service announcement this week, stating that her husband had been “working around the clock” trying to solve the crisis. Yet she wasn’t able to say when parents would be able to find baby formula anytime they needed it again.

Babies will likely continue to get sick because of this largely avoidable crisis. Since Biden took office, it has been just one crisis after another. Can you think of anything Biden has done right?

Stacey Warner

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