JK Rowling is Un-Canceled by WarnerDiscovery’s New CEO

J.K. Rowling Uncanceled by WarnerDiscovery
J.K. Rowling Uncanceled by WarnerDiscovery
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J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, is officially about to be un-cancelled thanks to the actions of WarnerDiscovery’s new CEO.

David Zaslav took over the newly merged company last month and has been making a significant amount of major changes, including his push to shift CNN away from biased heavy leftist content. Now the business leader is making shockwaves again for being the first one to un-cancel J.K. Rowling after she made anti-trans statements on Twitter last year.

Rowling, despite being heavily involved in her Harry Potter franchise since the beginning, was essentially uninvited from the 20-year reunion special produced by HBO under previous leadership. Zaslav wants to make amends while apparently also getting the world’s most successful author to write and produce Game of Thrones style Harry Potter series for the streaming network.

The move is sure to upset activists in the LGBTQIA+ community, who have fiercely defended the Rowling cancelation over her tweets, like one that called them “men in dresses” and this one that reads: ‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud? Opinion: Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate

Since her statements, J.K. Rowling has had her name removed from a college building and even had the children’s sport Quidditch renamed to remove its association with her brand.

The uncancelation of Rowling is just part of a string of backlash in the media against cancel culture, including Netflix’s own defense of Dave Chappelle and his jokes that were perceived as “anti-trans”. Netflix essentially told their employees in a letter earlier this week that they should find new jobs if they are too offended to do their work.

With a new Harry Potter TV series on the horizon, written by the actual author no less, you can guarantee there will be millions of excited fans worldwide. Will you watch the new series to support the end of cancel culture?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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