Pelosi Says Americans Want Democrats Running Congress

Pelosi believes Americans want a leftist ran congress
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According to Nancy Pelosi, the American people secretly want Democrats to win in November. Maybe she hasn’t had a chance to look at the polls recently.

On Thursday Morning, the Speaker of the House told a gaggle of reporters, “I have no intention of the Democrats not winning the House this November. People really want us to win.”

She then made a classic political sidestep, where she acknowledged that there will be some “challenges” for the Democrats to pull off a win. Presumably she is referring to record high inflation, a baby formula shortage, a surge of illegal immigration on our southern border, our economy crashing, and maybe even the war in Ukraine.

Moments later, however, Pelosi was back to doing what people like her do best, kissing up to their boss. In this case, her boss is President Joe Biden.

The work that this president has done and he’s been a great president,” Pelosi defiantly declared, “I don’t know about polls but I do know about winning the races one district at a time.”

Then, Pelosi made it clear that one of the number one factors that Democrats would be using to get out the vote is abortion access and the Supreme Court’s draft decision to reverse Roe v Wade. Pelosi told the reporters, “A woman’s right to choose is on the ballot and that is a kitchen table issue. So we’re comfortable.”

Check Out Pelosi’s Plan to Save Abortion Across The Country If They Win

Despite her confidence, a recent aggregate of polls from FiveThirtyEight revealed Republicans with a 3 point lead over Democrats nationally for Congress despite Democrats holding the body currently.

Do you think Pelosi’s newfound confidence is warranted. Do you think the prospect of legislating abortion access will be enough to get Democrats out to vote?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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