Border Patrol Has A Term For The Thousands of Migrants Who Get Away Into Our Country

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Even though a federal judge stopped Biden from allowing Title 42 to expire, there are still thousands of migrants crossing the border. According to Border Patrol, many of them just get away.

The ones that get away are called just that: “got aways.” Breitbart reports that “got aways” is a term Border Patrol uses to refer to the number of migrants who cross the border and aren’t apprehended. “Got aways” are those people who cross over into the United States, are seen, but Border Patrol is unable to apprehend them, sometimes because they are too busy with large groups of migrants.

Border Patrol agents working in the Del Rio sector of the border between the United States and Mexico apprehended 3,133 migrants over the weekend, with an additional 1,614 more “got aways,” said Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens in a Tweet May 23, 2022.

“Del Rio Sector Weekend Recap Apprehensions: 3,133 • Gotaways: 1,614 • Rescues: 11 • Deaths: 4 • 29 smuggling vehicle loads intercepted”

Border Patrol agents risk their lives everyday. One of the apprehended migrants had a weapon, and they pulled 10 people out of a stash house. Chief Patrol Agent Owens Tweeted more detail about a day in the life of a Border Patrol agent:

“7 subjects swept away attempting to cross the Rio Grande. Luckily, our Border Patrol Search Trauma & Rescue (BORSTAR) agents were on the scene. Using a throw bag, a water rescue board, & a personal flotation device, they successfully rescued all 7!”

These people choose not to go through legal pathways to get into our country, but instead risk their lives, often their children’s lives and the lives of our selfless Border Patrol agents.

This problem, and the corresponding risk, has massively increased since Joe Biden took office and put an immediate stop to all the good work Donald Trump did to secure our borders. According to Breitbart, “through April 30, Border Patrol agents rescued more than 10,500 migrants along the southwest border with Mexico. This compared to 12,833 for the entire FY21. During FY20 and FY19, agents rescued 5,071 and 4,920 respectively.”

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The number of migrants entering the country over doubled in the first year after Biden took office. Now, the number is on track to double again. All of this, and Title 42 is still in place, no thanks to Joe Biden. Are our Border Patrol agents true heroes?

Stacey Warner

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