Ted Cruz Tried to Pass Legislation to Keep Kids Safe At School And Dems Filibustered It

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This story proves that Democrats don’t care about protecting children or anyone else. They care about getting their way, and have proven time and time again that it’s their way or the highway. Let’s hear from Ted Cruz.

Following the heartbreaking events at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Ted Cruz spoke with Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” about what he has tried to do to keep children safe at school. Cruz said, “In 2013, I introduced legislation that would spend $300 million on federal grants to harden schools to make them safer, to make them more protected. The Democrats filibustered that legislation. I’ve introduced legislation to say schools like this elementary school behind me can get federal grants to harden their security, to put in bulletproof doors, bulletproof glass, to put in armed police officers to protect kids,” reports Breitbart.

Ted Cruz Tweeted: “I’m going to keep fighting to target felons and fugitives who try to buy firearms. We need to stop bad guys from getting guns, not law-abiding citizens.”

Cruz added: “In 2013, I introduced legislation called Grassley-Cruz, which targeted felons and fugitives and those with serious mental illness. It directed the Department of Justice to do an audit of federal convictions to make sure felons are in the database. It directed the Department of Justice to prosecute and put in jail felons and fugitives who try to illegally buy firearms. That vote in the Harry Reid, Democrat Senate…a majority of the Senate voted in favor of Grassley-Cruz, but the Democrats filibustered it. They demanded 60 votes. They defeated it because they wanted to go after law-abiding citizens instead of stopping the bad guys. We need to stop the bad guys.”

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Liberals would have you believe that Republicans have done nothing in an effort to keep American children safe at school. That is a lie. Liberals will only be satisfied when guns are taken out of law abiding citizen’s hands. If they truly cared about America’s school children, they’d have supported Ted Cruz’s legislation, and then they could still work on passing their own reasonable solutions. This country is in a dangerous stalemate that’s causing nothing to be done. Can we fix this and keep our kids safe at school?

Stacey Warner

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