Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Loses It When Reporter William Kelly Asks Her To Rescind Her “Call to Arms” Tweet

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago gave a “call to arms” Tweet in reaction to the draft ruling that leaked from the Supreme Court which shows a decision that could soon overturn Roe v Wade.

Her Tweet said: “To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community—the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms.”

On Tuesday, reporter William Kelly brought up her Tweet to her at a press conference. Kelly noted how much violence has ensued in the city of Chicago since the Tweet, including mob violence and mass shootings. Kelly also brought up the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, at which time she rudely interrupted him. Kelly’s question to her was “will you recall, rescind, your violent Tweet to ‘call to arms?'” When someone then tried to take the microphone from him, Lori Lightfoot said, “no let him talk. The more he talks the more stupid he sounds.” Kelly again asked the same question. In response, Lightfoot said Kelly had just told a “series of lies.” But then, the first thing she addressed was tourism in Chicago, saying it’s “off the charts.” Then she tried to say she made a “call to action,” not a “call to arms.” She told Kelly “no sir, I will not stand down, I will not retreat….” She then refused to let Kelly speak, saying he could “take [his] nonsense somewhere else.” Then she started defending tourism in Chicago again, later telling the Kelly he was “full of crap.”

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I’m not sure what you think of when you hear someone issue a call to arms, but many would interpret that to mean, get your guns and go fight. Lori Lightfoot wants to say she meant call to action, but that’s not what she said and words matter, especially in her position. What do you think of her refusal to rescind what she Tweeted and how she treated William Kelly?

Stacey Warner

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