Senator Marsha Blackburn Says Biden’s “Incredible Transition” Will Be Very Expensive

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Recently, while Biden was visiting Japan, he spoke of what he called his “incredible transition.” He made it clear, as only Biden can, that he has no intention of doing anything to bring oil and gas prices down. He is bound and determined to turn the United States “green.”

Specifically, Biden said, “[w]hen it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that God willing when it’s over we’ll be stronger, and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee addressed Biden’s statement, while speaking to Newsmax TV’s “American Agenda” recently. She said Biden’s so-called incredible transition “would be a very long, hard, difficult transition, very expensive for the American people.”

Continuing, Marsha Blackburn said “[t]hey are determined to run up the price of gas, to limit access to fossil fuels, to make it more difficult and more expensive for fossil fuels, and force people to go buy cars that they can’t afford. Because they’re too expensive, and then it runs up the cost of electricity. Because our electric power generators and our electric power distributors will tell you you’re at least a decade away from being able to support an all-electric fleet for transportation. So, this is something that — you’re talking about economic hardship if the Democrats get their way. And it’s not transitory, and this is not just transition. This would be a very long, hard, difficult transition, very expensive for the American people.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn Tweets: “Joe Biden is praising rising gas prices — chalking it up to the “incredible transition” away from fossil fuels.”

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I don’t know many people who can afford an electric vehicle. AOC can, but she’s whining about hers. Even used prices are quite high, especially right now. Biden can’t simply force people to purchase vehicles they can’t afford. Maybe he should just give everyone an electric car, kind of like Oprah Winfrey used to do: You get an electric car, and you get an electric car and you get an electric car. The problem with that, according to Marsha Blackburn, it will be 10 years until our country is even equipped to support that. What is wrong with Joe Biden?

Stacey Warner

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