Detroit Tigers Help Fund Transgender Surgery For Minors Through Ticket Sales

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With regard to adults, there is a lot of choice surrounding sexual identity and preference these days. Cis, Trans, bisexual, pansexual, take your pick. But to help children change their gender through surgery or hormone blockers is another thing altogether. The Detroit Tigers are doing just that.

On June 1, The Detroit Tigers will celebrate Pride Night. The special night is about “celebrat[ing] our Pride community partners, friends, and families” at Comerica Park,” reports the National Review. The Tigers have been holding this type of event since 2018, but there’s a twist this year. This year, ticket purchasers get to choose amongst different Pride organizations they may want to support.

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Some of these organizations support allowing minors to make major decisions regarding their gender. This can include gender reidentification surgery and hormone blockers. For example, one choice for ticket buyers is the Ruth Ellis Center, which provides “transition care for transgender youth,” which includes gender affirming surgery, reports the National Review. The group’s education and evaluation director said, in 2021, “[t]here are a lot of pervasive myths about what it means to access gender-affirming medical care.” and “[t]here are a lot of barriers — especially for people under 18 — that still exist for accessing puberty blockers and gender-affirming hormones. This is a huge problem.”

Another group ticket purchasers can choose to support is  the Trans Sistas of Color Project. The National Review reports that this group includes groups like “Trans Minors Rights,” which “advocates for empowering transgender youth to make their own decisions regarding puberty blockers.”

Corktown Health provides “gender affirming care” such as hormone therapy for gender transitions, and “may . . . see patients as young as 16 years old.”

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So, when going to see a Major League Baseball game in Detroit, you may be supporting the above causes, things you may not agree with. Do you think ticket purchasers understand this when they purchase tickets?

Stacey Warner

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