Sen Ted Cruz Accosted While At Dinner By Gun Control Liberal

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Senator Ted Cruz was out trying to have a nice dinner after speaking at the NRA Convention, when someone approached him for a picture. What the man did next was reprehensible.

Video footage captured a man verbally assaulting Senator Ted Cruz at a restaurant on Saturday.

“Ted Cruz got aggressively heckled in a restaurant last night by someone who was dragged out Appears to be about Ted’s appearance at the NRA Convention[,]” tweeted Seth Weathers.

The man was Benjamin Hernandez, reports Townhall, and he’s a member of the group Indivisible Houston. This organizations says in it’s “about,” “[t]he US is a republic, not a dictatorship. We demand that our representatives stand up to extremists and defend our democracy.” It’s “mission,” it says, is to “[b]uild an inclusive coalition at the Houston level to fight the rise of tyranny in America.Our organizing principles reflect our uncompromising resistance to authoritarianism and commitment to civil rights, fundamental institutions, and the American social fabric: Donald Trump, his presidential administration, and the current Republican leadership of the US government and the State of Texas are a threat to America: its people, its ideals, and its communities. The agenda of the Trump administration and all those who support it in the United States Congress, in the Texas Statehouse, and in our local communities must be opposed. We believe in an American democracy committed to good governance. We define good governance as a system that provides for the equitable treatment of all human beings, the defense of our natural rights, and the empowerment of every individual to reach their highest good. We support a completely activated citizenry: universal advocacy, engagement, and knowledge of the people and processes in our communities and our government. NOTE: Our chief job is as a supportive cavalry focused locally on elected officials for defensive purposes. However, since defense and offense are not clearly separated in politics, that can also mean engaging in proactive campaigns and removing politicians from office.”

Hernandez approached Senator Cruz in a friendly manner, seemingly to take a picture, and Cruz kindly obliged him The the rant began:

Indivisible Houston tweeted: “#BREAKING: Several hours after the #NRAconvention, Indivisible Houston board member @TheBenjaminHdz challenged Ted Cruz to support background checks & other reform measures during a dinner break. See the full clip. #TedCruzHasBloodOnHisHands #TedCruzChildMassacre

Senator Cruz attempts to educate the agitated man, but he doesn’t want to listen. Ultimately, Hernandez is led out by security, as he screams “19 children died, 19 children died, that is on your hands, that is on your hand.”

Emotions are very high right now. Everyone is distraught over what took place last week in Uvalde, Texas. Everyone wants to find someone to blame. One person did it, and it was the lone 18 year old gunman. What do you think about Indivisible Houston’s stated mission? What is your take on what caused this tragedy?

Stacey Warner

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