More Bad News As Feds Downgrade Biden’s Economy

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It seems like since Biden has been President, it’s just one bad thing after another. It seems like that, because it’s true. It’s hard to think of one thing that’s gone well, especially when talking about the economy.

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We’ve all noticed high prices, and it’s now common knowledge that inflation is at the highest level in decades. Democrats have proven that they have no clue about the economy, as regardless of how high inflation goes, they just keep sending money to Ukraine.

Now, the fed’s Beige Book is signaling that the economy is getting worse. The June report indicates that consumers are balking at higher prices. Orders were smaller or consumers are choosing less expensive brands. Residential real estate is weaker, due to high home prices and increased mortgage rates. Businesses are still having trouble finding people to work. This has caused some businesses to continue to operate below capacity, reports Fox Business. Supply chain issues continue to make it hard to keep items in stock.

Fox News tweeted: “Fed’s Beige Book reports US economy slowing in some areas as inflation roars[.]”

A majority of federal districts are reporting low expectations for growth, and a few districts think we are headed for a recession. Some districts still report concerns about Covid, especially as related to the lockdowns in China.

Twitter users respond to reports on the Beige Book: “Bidens reckless spending has caused the highest inflation in decades!!”

“Since Joe Biden took office, he has manufactured negative economic growth, soaring prices, millions streaming across our border, rising crime and muddled foreign policies. In only one and a half years with two and a half to go!!”

At least manufacturing growth has continued, according to the June Beige Book report.

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Most Americans could probably report everything in the Beige Book report, since we experience it daily. We can’t find items we need on the shelves, we are struggling to fill our tanks, we go to a restaurant and it’s slower than before because servers are in short supply, and more. What else have you experienced in your every day life that the Beige Book confirms?

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