Suspect in Buffalo Grocery Store Mass Killing Indicted

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On May 14, 2022 an 18 year old white man walked into a Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo, New York and shot 13 people, 11 of whom were black and two who were white. Ten of those people died and now the suspect has been indicted.

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On Wednesday, a New York grand jury indicted Payton Gendron on charges of domestic terrorism motivated by hate and 10 counts of first-degree murder, reports NBC News. The 25-count indictment includes ten counts of first-degree murder, ten counts of second-degree murder as a hate crime, three counts of attempted murder as a hate crime, one count of a domestic act of terrorism and criminal possession of a weapon, reports Fox News.

Gendron is accused of hate crimes after he allegedly live-streamed his rampage and kept a manifesto showing that he supported white supremacist ideology. Authorities think he drove far from home, to Buffalo, and intended to kill as many black people as he could, reports Fox News.

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A federal indictment is still expected, which would come from the Justice Department’s Attorney General Merrick Garland. A conviction in federal court could mean the death penalty for the killer. New York does not have the death penalty, so if he is convicted of murder there, the worst he can get is life in prison.

Why does Chuck Todd think the Second Amendment doesn’t exist

Democrats want to blame the guns for these killings, but that is a cop out and evidences not wanting to take a hard look at why two 18 year old young men went on killing sprees in the month of May, 2022. Why are they so angry? This is a societal issue and a mental health crisis. We must take the time to figure out what went wrong in these young men’s lives that drove them to commit unspeakable acts. Taking guns from law-abiding, mature citizens will not fix this societal problem. What do you think will?

Stacey Warner

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