GONE VIRAL: Radical Parents Seen Taking Children to Drag Show With Sign Saying “IT’S NOT GONNA LICK ITSELF”

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An event at a nightclub in Dallas, Texas has gone viral, and it’s so disturbing. In an effort to be voted “most woke,” and prove that Liberal parents have zero limits anymore for their children, some parents celebrated Pride Month by doing a most inappropriate thing.

The event was held at 11:00 a.m. at the Mr. Misster gay nightclub in the Oaklawn neighborhood of Dallas, and was called “Drag The Kids To Pride.” And that’s just what some parents did: drag children there.

Courtesy of WFAA via YouTube.com

The play in words is that the event that these radicals dragged their kids to was a drag queen show. Luckily, there were conservatives there to try to show how wrong this is:

One of the protesters yelled to parents taking children into the drag show, “I only have one question: why do you want to put an ax-wound in between your son’s legs?” A female voice responded, “we’ve got kids here, please go away,” to which the protesters replied, “that’s the point!” After the protesters speak some more, one mom turned and yelled, “you’re scaring children, shut the fuck up…shut the fuck up.” Very appropriate, mom.

One wouldn’t expect parents dragging their young impressionable children into a drag queen show, however, to suddenly be appropriate. Especially since the event they were taking their kids to looked like this:

You saw that right: in large neon lights for all the young kids to see was a sign that said “IT’S NOT GONNA LICK ITSELF.”

One of many twitter users tweeted, “Parents taking children to a gay bar in Dallas so they can give money to guys dressed like women with a neon sign in the background which reads “It’s Not Gonna Lick Itself.” And they call US “radicalized extremists?!” This world is going to hell!”

One twitter user responded to someone who asked “they’re not your kids so why do you care?” saying “‘It’s not gonna lick itself’ sign , throwing dollars , twerkin in splits right in front of kids . Search the event to see more. And there’s nothing against the LGBTQ community . It’s more about protecting kids, their minds aren’t mature enough for these types of behaviors[.]”

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These are the same parents who see nothing wrong with letting a child decide to medically change their bodies from one sex to the other. This is, unbelievably, a growing debate. We conservatives are doing our best to protect other people’s children because we care about our society. What do you think of parents who would take their kids to the Dallas drag show?

Stacey Warner

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