Democrats Get Embarrassed Again With “Under Trump” Trend

Donald Trump speaking at NRA convention
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Liberals keep trying to insult Donald Trump, and all of his supporters. The problem is, every time they try, he, and/or his supporters, turn the joke back on them. Let’s see what the latest embarrassment is.

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There’s a new trend called “under Trump,” where Democrats attempt to show how things were really bad when Donald Trump was President, but are somehow better under Biden. It’s probably already obvious how that’s not going to work out well for them.

Here’s one liberal’s weak attempt to be smart: “Under trump, America was a laughing stock and lost millions of jobs. Under Biden, we’re respected again and gained millions of jobs back, the most in history.”

Wait, there’s more:

“Under Trump. Gas was affordable. Food was affordable. And we had food on the shelves at grocery stores. The border wall was being built. Immigration was under control. Babies had formula. No wars. The country was safer and thriving.”

And this one: “Biden and his team need to understand a fundamental principle—his standing is worse than Trump’s because people’s lives are worse under him than they were under Trump. It’s that simple.”

This is America now: Inflation is higher than ever, illegal immigrants are swarming our borders, crime rates are soaring, gas prices climb higher by the day, a war is raging between Russia and Ukraine, parents are unable to find baby formula, and the list could go on and on.

This twitter user said: “Under President Trump we were promised peace, and that’s exactly what we got!”

Get on Twitter and there’s thousands, but here’s today’s winner:

An investigation has been reopened into Clinton-Epstein associate who who was found hung and shot

That’s right, everything was better under Trump. It’s difficult to imagine what kind of mental somersault’s a liberal brain must do to imagine that things are better under Joe Biden. That’s why his approval rating is so low: most people just can’t do that kind of gymnastics! What’s your favorite “under Trump” saying? Tell us in the comments.

Stacey Warner

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