Pizza Hut’s Reading Program for Children Promotes Books the Celebrate Child Drag Queens

Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box
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It’s important to promote reading amongst our children.  No one would disagree with that, especially with so many kids staring at their phones or computer screens all day long.  Pizza Hut promotes reading among children but has included a controversial book in its lineup.  

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Pizza Hut sponsors a reading program for kids ages four to twelve, called BOOK IT! Kids can earn a free one-topping pizza if they read a certain number of books.  Its summer reading program, called Camp BOOKIT!, includes a book called Big Wig. Here’s how the website describes the book:  “This wonderful read-aloud celebrates the universal childhood experience of dressing up and the confidence that comes with putting on a costume. And it goes further than that, acknowledging that sometimes dressing differently from what might be expected is how we become our truest and best selves.”

Here’s how the book is described on Amazon:  “In the spirit of Julián Is a Mermaid, this irrepressible picture book celebrates drag kids, individuality, and self-confidence from the perspective of a fabulous wig!  When a child dresses in drag to compete in a neighborhood costume competition, he becomes B. B. Bedazzle!” 

The Pizza Hut summer reading program also includes a book called Be Amazing.  This book was written by Desmond Napoles who, at  age 11, was filmed at a New York gay bar dressed in drag while dancing in front of adults.

According to one twitter user, Google is trying its best to bury the story about Pizza Hut’s promotion of books that celebrate sexuality to young kids. 

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With some things, it’s truly hard to find words. Why corporations decide to get into politically divisive subjects is puzzling.  They end up alienating whole groups of people, which makes little sense financially, and isn’t that why they’re in business?  Would you allow your children to be a part of Pizza Hut’s reading program?  Will you still order Pizza Hut pizza?  How do you feel about Google now?  

Stacey Warner

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