Kamala Harris Talked to US Mayors “Like They Are in Second Grade”

VP Kamala Harris appears to speak down to US mayors during conference.
VP Kamala Harris appears to speak down to US mayors during conference.
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Vice President Kamala Harris recently spoke at the 90th Annual Meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors where she was criticized for how she addressed the audience.

While attending the event, the VP spoke to America’s mayors “like they are in Second Grade” instead of treating them as professionals, according to Sky News Australia.

The conference, which took place in Reno, Nevada, this year, is a major gathering of mayors from around the country. While the Vice President was made the keynote speaker, her tone seemed to undermine the conference’s importance.

Harris started off by telling the room full of mayors that they were elected by their constituents, something they were most likely all very aware of. “You, our mayors — you are leaders not only for the constituents that elected you, I think if it weren’t clear before the last couple of years, it is clear to everyone now you are not only local leaders, you are national leaders.”

She also offered up the timeless wisdom of, “People look to you to solve problems.” She then began to explain how it was really her and Joe Biden who have solved their problems, claiming that they have made sure Americans aren’t starving and small businesses have stayed open.

Harris took the time to explain to them what small business creation means, saying, “which means, of course, at a local level, more folks are starting a new business in your community than ever before.” What incredible insight.

After a period of time bragging about the alleged “success” of Biden’s American Rescue Plan, she reminded them of how bad the economy is, saying, “And people in your cities, in your towns are feeling the pinch and seeing higher prices from the pump — gas pump to the grocery store.”

Another gem of advice offered by the Veep was “We must speak truth and be honest as mayors — because your work does not allow you to be anything but practical.”

Harris then ended her speech with what might have been the single most generic compliment offered by a VP who is known for offering up generic compliments. She told the crowd, “And I know that each of you is up to this challenge, because you are “The Mayor.” (Laughter and applause.) You deliver each and every day, and you always get the job done.”

Vice President Kamala Harris has often been criticized for speaking down to people and not offering up useful answers to questions. Her behavior at the Conference of Mayors seems to be perfectly in line with that expectation. Do you think Kamala ever has a chance of becoming President, or did Biden pick her because he knew she never could?

Kamala Harris Talked to US Mayors “Like They Are in Second Grade”

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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