The View Cohost Joy Behar Claims Gun Laws Would Change If Black People Had Guns

Joy Behar, Cohost of The View
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Joy Behar, cohost of The View, says the most ridiculous things. She is arguably the most liberal host on the show, and her opinions often make the least sense, which is really saying something.

Recently, Behar made one of her most nonsensical statements, when she opined that gun laws would start to change “once black people get guns in this country.”

The problem with Behar’s statement is, like most of her statements, it makes no sense. According to the 2021 National Firearms Survey, 25.4% of black Americans already own guns. That’s just over one out of every four black Americans. It is less than the percentage of white Americans who own guns (34.3%), but it’s still a lot.

Sunny Hostin, the other most liberal cohost on the show, of course agreed with Behar, saying, “That’s what happened with the Black Panthers.” Behar replied, “Trust me on that. We will see some action.”

Guest cohost Lindsey Granger argued back, saying, “[b]ut black people have been buying guns. The numbers went up in 2020.” To which Hostin retorted, “[t]he Black Panthers. Know your history, know your history.”

The number of black gun owners rose rapidly in 2020, “when 40% of all firearm sales were to first-time gun owners and black gun ownership jumped up by 56% — more than any other demographic,” reported Forbes.

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Once again, Joy Behar wants to claim that Republicans are racist, when it is actually she and others like her that are the racists. Conservatives believe in the Second Amendment, and the right for all Americans to go armed, regardless of skin color. Is Joy Behar a racist?

Stacey Warner

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