Trump Predicted Exactly What Biden Would Do Before It Happened Shows Video

Trump predicted many of the problems facing the current administration if he was elected.
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It looks like President Trump predicted what the Biden administration would do if they took power and it eerily mirrors the reality that we see living under the current regime.

In a move that would make Nostradamus blush, Trump made hyperbolic predictions for what would happen to the country if Biden was elected while campaigning and they are way too accurate.

The video is very well done and shows cuts between Trump and Biden both giving speeches. Then President Trump begins by telling the crowd the list of horrors that will face them when Biden is President.

He foresees Biden becoming a gun grabber and trying to restrict firearms by age – which is being done right now. The Democrats are currently passing a gun safety bill.

Trump also predicted that Biden would attempt to destroy our domestic oil and gas industry and that the results would drive the price of gas up to six dollars a gallon. It is currently $6 in California and it’s $5 per gallon nationally on average.

He said that Biden would flood the border with illegal immigrants to increase crime. Crime has nearly doubled across the country and Border Patrol have encountered more crossing than ever before in history month-over-month with more expected on the way.

Trump predicted many of the problems facing the Biden administration currently.

Last, he predicted that Biden and the Democrats would spend billions in foreign conflicts instead of using the money to protect Americans. We are seeing that in Ukraine with the nearly $40 billion aid packaged that was approved through Congress and signed by the President. We are again involved in foreign conflicts instead of using the money here at home – just like Trump predicted.

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Trump’s warnings rang hollow enough at the time with the general population and were ignored. The warning, though, was caught on video and can now be shared with the world again.

Democrats were so enamored with getting rid of the mean tweets that they were willing to put Biden in office despite his awful record and even worse policy ideas.

The worst has likely yet to come, and Trump’s predictions about the Democrats are becoming more and more true as the years go on.

Biden has put America last. Our last President wanted to put America first. It’s becoming obvious what the difference in policy has done to this great country and it doesn’t take an economist to see that leftist policies DESTROY growth – not help it. Do you think Trump was right about Biden the whole time? Let us know your thoughts below.

Trump Predicted Exactly What Biden Would Do Before It Happened Shows Video

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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