Lauren Boebert Fires Back At PAC Saying She Was A “Paid Escort” And Had Two Abortions

Rep. Lauren Boebert says she is responding legally to claims that she was once a paid escort and had two abortions by a Democrat aligned PAC.
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The activist PAC that took on Rep. Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina is now setting its sights on Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert. The congresswoman has responded to their most recent attack calling her an “unlicensed paid escort” and having had two abortions by saying that she is going to take legal action against them, says Fox News.

Boebert’s attorney, Johnathan Anderson, has already sent a letter promising to bring “civil defamation” lawsuits against the PAC over the claims.

“Partisan organizations putting out blatantly false and disgusting accusations won’t stop me from advancing freedom and conservative values,” Boebert told Fox News in a statement on Wednesday. “This group’s vile conduct demonstrates why people are fed up with politics. I am not going to stand by and pretend this is normal behavior.”

The American Muckrakers PAC previously released videos of Cawthorn naked in bed joking around with another man earlier this year. Cawthorn famously lost his GOP primary. The attacks by the PAC likely did not help his run, either. Now, the group has launched their new website

“Hi @RepBoebert – Please visit with @RepCawthorn about us. We look forward to getting to know you better,” the group tweeted in May.

American Muckrakers PAC CEO David B. Wheeler told Insider about their involvement in the congresswoman’s race, “I think we’re going to engage in that race pretty quickly.”

The group has since issued a press release touting the unproven claims that Boebert was an unlicensed paid escort who had two abortions.

The press release also says that Boebert met with Ted Cruz in Aspen, Colorado, and the Senator donated “$136,250 to the Boebert Campaign and helped her raise large sums of money during trips Boebert made to Texas.” The group is trying to insinuate that she was blackmailing the Texas Senator.

Boebert has responded to the claims saying, “Fact Check: Not true. Fake News. Four Pinocchios. Also… Y’all need Jesus!”

The PAC put out the heavily redacted text messages, which they claim they did to protect the source, on their website. Below are some screenshots of the exchange alleging that she had abortions and worked as a paid escort. Other text messages say that she was blackmailing Cruz after meeting with the Senator. None of the claims have been confirmed.

Now, Boebert has fired back against the allegations and is planning to take legal action against the Democrat PAC. The burden of proof will be harder for her because of her status as an elected public figure.

The President of the American Muckrakers PAC told Fox that the group stands behind their source and that the “one person that can answer all of these questions is Lauren Boebert.”

Abortion Enthusiasts Fire Bomb Pro-Life Politician in Washington

Boebert has strongly stood against abortion and the PAC is trying to claim she is duplicitous in her stance on it.

Boebert has become a conservative firebrand. She has come under fire for her staunch support of the Second amendment and has been vocal about her stances in Congress. Like Cawthorn, it’s no surprise that she’s drawn the ire of groups that will do anything and say anything to take her down. Do you believe the unproven allegations or are you on team Boebert? Let us know your thoughts.

Lauren Boebert Fires Back At PAC Saying She Was A “Paid Escort” And Had Two Abortions

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Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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