Severe Flooding Leaves Yellowstone “Dramatically” Changed

Bunkhouse washed away in Yellowstone National Park flooding
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Flooding is always frightening and can be very dangerous. Now, unprecedented flooding has hit Yellowstone National Park, the nation’s oldest park. More than 2 million visitors usually visit Yellowstone every summer.

The beloved national park has been hit by massive flooding for days. “Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said portions of the Yellowstone River in Billings appeared to have the highest streamflow ever recorded on Wednesday afternoon,” reports CBS News.  

Search and rescue teams have already had to rescue 87 people from the flooding. And the flooding is changing the landscape there as well, possibly permanently. “The landscape literally and figuratively has changed dramatically in the last 36 hours. A little bit ironic that this spectacular landscape was created by violent geologic and hydrologic events, and it’s just not very handy when it happens while we’re all here settled on it,” said Bill Berg, a commissioner in nearby Park County.

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Superintendent Cam Sholly said the park could remain closed as long as a week, and northern entrances may not reopen this summer, reports CBS News. The flooding swept away buildings and caused rock slides, putting visitors and residents in danger. Miraculously, no one has been reported killed.

The Governor of Montana has declared a natural disaster, after around 10,000 people had to evacuate the area. Sholly said, “I’ve heard this is a 1,000-year event, whatever that means these days. They seem to be happening more and more frequently.”

Of course, the Biden administration had to work in “climate change” as the cause of the flooding. But this Montana resident said otherwise: “I’m currently in Montana and only those from outside the area are blaming climate change as a cause of flooding. Not every natural disaster is hinged on climate as a contributing factor.”

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Of course the Biden administration wants to blame climate change. That way, they and other liberals can use this event to fundraise. Flooding happens and even if it’s a “1000-year event,” that means it also would have happened 1000 years ago, long before any alleged climate change. Have you ever been to Yellowstone National Park?

Stacey Warner

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