Trump Dumps On Liz Cheney, Calls Her “War Criminal”

Trump ripped into Liz Cheney on Truth social after she headed the January 6 hearings.
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Things are going from bad to worse for Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney. After another Congressman that voted for impeachment, Tom Rice, lost his race in South Carolina, Trump stepped in and ripped the representative for her role in the January 6 proceedings and her bad poll numbers.

“Same thing’s going to happen in Wyoming to Virginia “resident” Liz Cheney, that happened in South Carolina to Congressman “Impeach Master” Tom Rice, who lost as an incumbent by 28 points! To me she is nothing less than a war criminal who has done a TERRIBLE job for the Great State of Wyoming!,” wrote Trump on Truth social.

Trump ripped into Liz Cheney on Truth Social and called her a “war criminal.”

This comes after CNN even took aim at the Wyoming Congresswoman running the headline, “Tuesday was a very bad political omen for Liz Cheney.”

They are referencing the primary election results that came in from across the country. One race in particular is bad news for Cheney.

South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice, who voted to impeach Trump after January 6, 2021, was destroyed in his primary by state Rep. Russell Fry. Rice lost by over 25 percent.

Watch CNN’s breakdown of Cheney’s chances in the first 18-seconds of the video below.

Trump endorsed Fry and also posted after the results of the race, “The ‘Impeacher’ was ousted without even a runoff. A GREAT night.”

Of the 10 Republicans that voted to impeach Trump in 2021, there are only five left. Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, New York Rep. John Katko, Michigan Rep. Fred Upton, and Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez chose to retire at the end of their term.

Cheney faces Trump endorsed Harriet Hageman, who the former president held a rally for in May.

Trump has previously posted about Cheney, and last year, he even posted a photoshopped photo of Cheney on top of former President Bush’s face. The goal of the photo was to compare her to Bush as a war monger.

Polling for Cheney looks really bad as well, says one done by the conservative Club for Growth. Hageman received 56 percent support and Cheney received 26 percent in the GOP primary poll.

Cheney’s political future is done… finally. The Cheney’s have long dominated Republican politics and their rein is soon to be over. How would you describe Liz Cheney in two words? Let us know below.

Trump Dumps On Liz Cheney, Calls Her “War Criminal”

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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